Setting up an individual account

To set up a new account, you have 2 options. The first option is to hit the "Register" button in the top right corner of the website. Once you are taken to the new page, submit a valid username and email address. Once this is completed your password will be emailed to you and then you can use the "Login" link to login to the website.

The second way to login is to visit the "Select Classes" link from the header, click on the class you want to take, hit add to cart, Click on view cart then checkout. While filling your your billing details the site will ask for a password. Once you finish checking out, your account welcome message with pertinent details will be emailed to you.

Setting up a company account, and adding employees


Every account that uses the register button or checkout registration process is set up to be a company account. If you have done this login to see some additional menus. Once you login, use the main menu item "Training Portal Dashboard" in order to see your company options.  On the left, you now have several options in the menu.

To create a new employee, click the create employee button. Once you fill out the relevant information the new user will automatically be assigned to your company profile, and the employee will be sent an email.

How to purchase training

To purchase training, use the main navigation menu "Select Classes". Once you are on the Select Classes page, click the desired training course you wish to take. You will then be taken to the product page for that course. Here you can add the item to your shopping cart. You can purchase the same course multiple times if you need to assign the same course to multiple employees. 

Once you have done this for all of the courses you wish to purchase, hit the "Cart" button from the main menu. When you click this button you will be taken to the checkout page. After completing the checkout, your new courses will now show up in your Training Portal Dashboard to complete, or to assign to employees.

How to assign training to an employee


After purchasing a course, navigation to the "Training Portal Dashboard" page via the main menu.  Under the Dashboard, there will be a new button called "Assign Training" if you have employees created. Click on assign training to assign it to an employee. Once you "Begin Training" and click past the first screen, you will no longer be able to change who the course is assigned to.

How to add points for employees to purchase their own training


Points can be used account wide for purchasing courses. All your employees can use points you have purchased in order to purchase their own training. To add points, goto the "Select Classes" menu item and find the point package you wish to purchase. After the purchase is complete, your points will show up on checkout for use. 1 Point equates to $1. If you don't have enough points to complete a purchase, you can use your points to lower the cost of the item. You will have a record of points purchased and points used in your "My Account" area.

How to start a course


To start a course, visit the "Training Portal Dashboard" menu item. The first page that appears will show all of your available training along with due dates if they have been set. To begin training, hit the begin training button, this will take you into your course. You can then exit the course and continue where you left off at any time through this same process.

How to verify results


To verify results, go to the "Training Portal Dashboard" menu item, then to the "Training History" menu item. Here you will have a list of all training courses you have taken. Click the "View Results" button in order to see the questions, and the answers you provided.

What happens when I fail a test?


If you fail a test, the course will be in your "Training Portal Dashboard" to start again. You can walk through the entire course, and retake the test as many times as you like until you pass.

Explaining the My Account section


The my account page has a lot of information within it. The first area provided is called "Points". Please see the purchasing points section for how to purchase points, or the What Are Points section for an explanation of what points are. You can see your current points, and a list of what your points were used for.

The second section is the "My Continued Education Hours" section. This will keep a running tally of all the continued education credits you have earned. If you want to reset this number, click the reset continued education hours button.

The third section is a list of all of your recent orders. This will show the order number, the order date and how much you spent on the order. To see the receipt, click on the view button.

Below the Recent Orders section is the My Address section. This is used for billing purposes and can be changed by clicking the edit button.

What are points?

Points are a way for employers to provide a method for their employees to purchase courses without giving out billing information. Points are used to discount the prices of courses at a 1 point to $1 ratio. Sometimes purchasing a large number of points can result in a course discount. Your points and point use is tracked under the "My Account" section of the website.

Explaining the Training Portal

The training portal consists of many areas. The first page you will see is your training portal dashboard. This dashboard shows all available training that you can currently take or assign.

On the left is your secondary navigation item. At the top is your pertinent account information including your name and email.

The second area is the "Employer Information" section. This will only show up if your account is registered as an employer or business account. The first item "View Employee Reports" will allow you to see your employee's test results and their current progress on course work. The second item is the "Create an Employee" page, where you can create employees and tie them to your organization. The third item "Manage Employees" is where you can manage your employee accounts. This page will allow you to temporarily disable their login, Edit their details, View individual reports or see current courses assigned to them.

The last section is the "Portal Settings" area. This will have a quick link back to the dashboard, another page where you can see assigned training to you, and a third option to view your training history which will give you detailed reports on how you do and what courses you have taken.

How do I see my Purchase history?

To view purchase history, use the main navigation item "My Account". This will take you to a page where it will list all of your recent orders and pertinent information regarding those orders.

How do I see my training history?

You can see your training history by hovering over the "Training Portal Dashboard" and then going to the training history page, or by using the secondary navigation in the "Training Portal Dashboard".

How do I know when someone assigned me training?

When someone assigns you training, you will receive an email notification with details on the assignment. You will also see the training available under the "Training Portal Dashboard" where you will have the option to begin the training.

How do I contact someone for help?

Please contact or call (800) 355-4IDA